Twenty years after the fall of the wall


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20 Jahre Mauerfall2009 is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall. What many people do not know: There was not only a wall in Berlin, but Potsdam too, had a 7 km long border. During the tour of the wall, you will learn where the wall stood, how one lived in the closed-off-zone, and you will experience the course of the wall with the help of numerous pictures.

The first walk on the subject “20 years after the fall of the wall” starts at Griebnitzsee station and leads to the helicopter landing pad in Steinstücken. Then it continues along the former border through the Babelsberg residential area passing the houses where Truman, Stalin and Churchill lived during the Potsdam conference. The tour includes the former enclave Klein Glienicke and ends at Glienicker bridge.

The second tour starts at the Glienicker bridge which became known worldwide because of the exchange of spies and which played an important role during the cold war. The walk continues along the course of the wall and leads into the Neue Garten to Cecilienhof palace, the venue of the Potsdam conference. This tour ends in the former KGB city.
Both tours can be combined. A tour of Cecilienhof palace can be booked in addition. Offers on bus tours dealing with the fall of the wall can also be given on an individual basis.